Responding to the world’s need for increased food security.

Committed to Sustainability

Gold River Aquafarms will be the largest land-based production and farming facility of Steelhead Salmon in Canada.


Our founding team members have collectively designed or developed 130+ land-based fish farms in the aquaculture industry across the globe. Our land-based systems are an efficient and highly sustainable alternative to sea cage fish farming; eliminating impacts on wild stocks, sensitive habitats, and ecosystems while addressing the demands of our global food system. 


We are developers of a process-patented, industry leading, land-based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology; a method unsurpassed in environmental performance. Our proprietary design employs Mixed Cell Raceways (RASWay) to function as an innovative, cost-saving, and proven method of large-scale protein production without interference to sensitive ecosystems.


Our team

Our founders are industry-leading professionals in the aquaculture sector, with 100+ years of collective experience in aquaculture design. Our depth of expertise spans from technology development and engineering, to business operations specific to Recirculating Aquaculture Systems across the globe.

Key metrics

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Sustainable aquaculture is the path forward to increase global food production in changing times and a changing climate. Our goal as employers is to bring new economic development to our coastal community while strengthening food security at local and regional levels. If you are looking for a meaningful career in the evolving field of land-based aquaculture, we encourage you to apply with us as we continue to break ground in our industry.

INVEST in the future of food

Our food systems are reaching a critical inflection point as food production surpasses the ecological limits of the planet. To feed a projected population of 9.7 billion people in 2050, production must increase by as much as 70%.

Our land-based aquaculture systems deliver a lower environmental footprint than most protein production in terms of freshwater use, CO2 emissions, and land usage: no effluent, GMOs, or chemical impacts on natural habitats.

We are set to become the largest production and farming facility of Steelhead Salmon in Canada. Will you join us?