A unique land-based System to BRING the best quality to you

Gold River Aquafarms Technology

Our unique design employs Mixed Cell Raceways (RASWay) to function as a recirculating aquaculture System (RAS).

The Mixed-Cell Raceway (MCR) fuses the top characteristics of circular tanks and linear raceways into one efficient, fluid system.

Both circular tanks and linear raceways have effective solids removal capabilities. Paired together in our Mixed Cell RASWay, the efficiency of solids removal and resulting water quality is unmatched, while the energy consumption remains low. For reference, conventional round tank systems have a range of 5.5 kW to > 9 kW per kilo produced. The RASWay has a range of 2.8 kW to 3.4 kW per kilo produced.

Our Promises

  • ✔   Our driving principle is Sustainable, long-term productivity
  • ✔   Sustainable and efficient feed
  • ✔   OVA source is certified disease-free, organic, non-GMO eggs
  • ✔   Diseases are non-existent due to filtered environment
  • ✔  No impact on other species
  • ✔  No effect on wild habitats
  • ✔  No chemical use

How does this work?

Vertical discharge manifolds along the sidewalls of this system convert linear raceways into a series of hydraulically independent mixed-cells. These independent mixed-cells have a counter rotating hydraulic flow pattern to the next cell, along with a bottom-center drain that causes each cell to operate as an individual circular tank.