Leading the Future of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems at RASTECH 2024

We’re thrilled to have attended RASTECH 2024, an international conference and trade fair dedicated to the advancement of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology in early June. This premier annual event serves as a hub for RAS fish farmers, producers, hatchery professionals, engineers, contractors, consultants, researchers, and investors. It’s an essential gathering for anyone involved in the rapidly expanding world of aquaculture.

This event showcases the latest innovations and best practices in RAS technology, a pivotal technology in the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry. From raising fish juveniles and growing larger smolt to producing harvest-size fish, RAS technology continues to revolutionize fish farming operations worldwide.

Our business partner, John Holder, was a key speaker at this year’s conference, sharing his expertise during the Business segment themed “De-risk Your Design.” His presentation focused on strategies to mitigate risks in the design and implementation of RAS facilities, providing valuable insights for stakeholders aiming to optimize their aquaculture operations.

This annual event serves as a unique opportunity to engage with experts and peers who are shaping the future of sustainable fish farming. We look forward to attending again in the future!