Why Build An Aquafarm in Gold River?

We’re thrilled to be developing Canada’s largest land-based steelhead growing facility, to be established at the former paper mill site in Gold River, BC, situated within Mowachaht/Muchalaht traditional territory. By opting for land-based operations, our facility offers the advantage of a lower environmental footprint and a higher level of risk management in comparison to traditional open water operations. 

The advantageous choice of developing our aquafarm in Gold River was primarily to leverage existing resources. By repurposing the legacy infrastructure of the former pulp and paper mill and utilizing existing warehouses, water sources, and power, we can give this space a new life and re-allocate those budgets to other aspects of our operation. 

Upon reaching full operational capacity, our facility will generate over 80 local jobs, encompassing significant roles in both aquaculture and processing. 

Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation’s Chief Jerry Jack eagerly anticipates the project’s economic impact. “We’ll benefit from job creation and community revenue, while ensuring minimal interference with our rivers and oceans.”

By securing a strategic base in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our facility will be in close proximity to commercial markets in Victoria and Vancouver. This short commute will offer a quick inbound and outbound transportation of our products and supplies which will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Location, Location, Location.