The Future of Aquaculture: Predictions and Insights, Vol. 1

In this segment we explore the promising landscape of land-based aquaculture, delving into some of the latest predictions, cutting-edge technologies, and emerging trends that are reshaping our industry. Land-based aquaculture is an important industry we’re excited to be a part of as it evolves to meet the world’s growing needs for healthy and reliable protein sources. As our global population increases, it is innovation and sustainability in our industry that illuminates the path forward.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Shrimp:

In an exciting development, Aquapurna and Billund Aquaculture are set to construct the world’s largest high-intensity recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) shrimp farm. Located at the Sigmundshall Industrial Site near Wunstorf, Germany, this groundbreaking 18,000-square-meter facility is slated for construction in January 2024. The joint venture, formalized in 2022, aims to introduce the first shrimp larvae by the end of 2024, with plans to produce a staggering 800 metric tons of shrimp annually. This project marks a significant stride in the pursuit of sustainable and intensive land-based shrimp farming. (Source: Cliff White,, December 4, 2023)

Revolutionizing Aquaculture Feeds:

In the heart of land-based aquaculture innovation, Cresponix, a Swedish startup, is challenging traditional models with a groundbreaking technology. Recognized as a finalist for the Global Seafood Alliance’s Responsible Seafood Innovation Award, Cresponix addresses the energy and cost challenges in aquaculture. Their technology revolves around recycling farmed fish waste, utilizing a consortium of microbes that, when fermented, produces an edible and nutritious single-cell biomass. This innovative approach has the potential to supplement traditional aquafeeds and reduce feed costs by an impressive 30 to 40 percent. After successful trials in warm climates, Cresponix is now set to explore its application in colder environments. (Source: James Wright, Global Seafood Alliance, September 11, 2023)

The future of land-based aquaculture is teeming with possibilities, from these ambitious projects to our development set to be the largest land-based and sustainable farming facility of Steelhead Salmon in Canada. Stay tuned as we feature more transformative trends, set to shape a sustainable and innovative future for land-based aquaculture.