Predictions & Insights Volume 3: Fish Therapeutics

Have you heard of Fish Therapeutics? Emerging technologies are spearheading a new era in fish health management. Companies are leveraging innovations such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), real-time PCR, and DNA microarrays for rapid and precise identification of pathogens. Vaccination technologies, including recombinant protein vaccines and nanoparticle-based delivery systems, are enhancing fish immune responses and offering long-lasting protection. Probiotics, with improved viability through encapsulation techniques, are optimizing digestive health in aquatic species.

MariHealth Solutions

South African startup MariHealth Solutions is at the forefront of aquaculture health management. Their biomarker-based platform provides crucial insights into the health of farmed fish and shellfish, while scaling a bacterial probiotic to enhance growth rates and disease resistance in abalone. The company’s focus on diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious diseases promises to revolutionize fish farming practices.

GreenSage’s Coconut Prebiotics

Canadian startup GreenSage is pioneering sustainable solutions with its coconut residue-derived prebiotics. Designed to enhance marine animal health, these prebiotics support digestive and immune systems in salmon and shrimp aquaculture. By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, GreenSage ensures optimal antimicrobial resistance levels in fish and seafood, setting a new standard for eco-friendly aquaculture practices.

In 2024, these innovations are not only reshaping the aquaculture landscape but also signalling a future where sustainable practices and advanced technologies converge to meet the growing demand for healthy, resilient aquatic species.